Monday, March 2, 2009

(our new) home sweet home

Gentle readers, you heard it here first: we're finally taking the plunge! Brad and I are in the process of buying a house on Capitol Hill!!!!! Our contract has been ratified. The home inspection went smoothly. Assuming that everything else falls into place as it should, the lovely row house that you see in the picture will be ours as of March 24, 2009. As you can imagine, we are thrilled!

It all happened very quickly. We began calling lenders in late January to investigate loan options. Because of busy schedules, we couldn't meet with our friend and realtor, Carol, until February 18th. Carol sent us a few listings on Capitol Hill in our price range to review in the meantime (most of which, by the way, were extremely depressing). However, one house did stand out. And it just so happened to be open on February 8th, so Brad and I went to check it out.

Brad and I fell in love with the house immediately. We were certain that it would be gone the next day. But amazingly enough, when we met with Carol 10 days later, it was still on the market. We agreed to take one more look at the house with Carol, which we did the following day. We saw one other house that day with her, which was the exact same price, one block away, and a complete dump. Brad and I knew that we were leaving for Illinois the following day, and we decided that it was too risky to wait through the weekend to act. Carol came over that night and we wrote a contract, which she submitted on Friday after we left for Illinois. The sellers had another contract, but they decided to work with us. They countered on Saturday, and we came to an agreement on Sunday morning. After our horrible travel day, we headed straight to Carol's house at 10 p.m. on Sunday night to initial the changes to make the contract official!

After years of saving for and thinking about home ownership, how ironic that we buy something so quickly! But we're comforted by the fact that we've lived on Capitol Hill for 8.5 years. We know the different areas extremely well. We know the prices. We've nosily wandered through enough open houses purely for entertainment over the years that we even know the general layouts and space restrictions of most Capitol Hill homes. And when we walked into this house, our house, we knew that we had stumbled upon a true gem, especially for our price range, which honestly doesn't go very far on the Hill.

Now, about the house. Built in 1915, the 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, renovated row home is located on G Street NE, in between 6th and 7th streets. It's closer in, but a little farther north from where we live now. The house is in phenomenal condition and has great space for a row house. The kitchen and bathrooms are new and the house has a decent size backyard that is already landscaped (and even has an herb garden... perfect for me!!!). The house also has two decks, as well as an unfinished basement that runs the length of the house, perfect for storage now and possibly finishing down the road. The only negatives that we can see are the house's proximity to the H street corridor (which could be a plus in a couple of years if the revitalization efforts continue) and its location right across the street from an elementary school (which is better than a middle or a high school). This area of Capitol Hill is still slightly transitional, but ten times better than where most of the other houses in our price range were located. We are guessing that these things kept the list price a little lower because the house is beautiful and has great space.

Brad is excited to have a shorter walk to the red line now and we're both thrilled that we can still walk to church and to all of our favorite neighborhood joints. For years we've dreamed of buying a historic home on the Hill, but had almost given up hope that we could ever make it happen. But, the Lord has provided for us, as He always does. And, Lord willing, we get to stay. At least for a little while longer. This Midwest farmer's daughter has fallen head over heels in love with the city.

Our Saturdays are now filled with furniture shopping, packing, moving, Home Depot trips, and the like. You know, tasks that can easily be accomplished after running.


Susannah said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! Congratulations, Rebecca. That is AMAZING news! I'm so happy for you and Brad. Amazing!

Organized Living by Amy said...

omg...this is such a surprise. I had no idea! Congratulations! I'm so jealous!

Katie said...

This is fantastic news!!! You both deserve to have found a wonderful home on Capital Hill! I can't wait to hear all your decorating stories with lots of pictures.

Smiling Mama said...

OHMYGOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! Girl, I am amazed at this big little secret. Congratulations! The house looks and sounds perfect. Fantastic!!!

(Abel and I are certain to have pangs of much as we love our house and neighborhood, we still miss the Hill!)

Can't wait to see it in person!!

Amy Hill said...

Congrats Rebecca! What great news. Enjoy homeownership! So exciting!! Send more pictures when you have them!


SD Dad said...

Congrats on the house on the Hill.

I can assure you that home improvement stores will become your new favorite place to go. Old houses are exciting and fun and it seems as if there is always something to fix or upgrade. Ours here in SD, built in 1901, is slightly older than yours and has provided us with years of never having to say we have nothing to do.

Rachel said...

Oh how exciting!!!! Please let Justin or I know if you need any help... moving, painting, etc.!!

Jennifer said...

This is so exciting! I know you guys must be thrilled to find something in your area!

diana onorio funk said...

Ok, so I'm a tad late (waaaaay behind in my blog reading), but OMG, wow, major congrats!! I am so excited for you guys! And so happy you get to stay on the Hill, since I know it's home for you both. Cannot WAIT to check it out!! Yay, yay, yay... congrats, you guys!!! xo