Monday, March 23, 2009

a little rusty on the moving front

Before last week, I naively expected to pack our entire apartment in one or two days and then enjoy the rest of my spring break by shopping, reading, running, and socializing. After all, I never spent more than a day packing when I moved in college and before and after grad school. The last time I moved, right before I married Brad in June of 2002, I remember my not-more-than-one-day-long packing sprint and then the two hours it took us to transport my (meager) belongings from my place to his. Prior to last week, I neglected to consider:
1. I have never moved post wedding (meaning: I have never had to pack and transport all of the wedding gifts that we received including fine china, crystal, and flatware, in addition to myriad kitchen appliances that I didn't even know existed prior to marriage). Also, I don't recall ever packing a full set of dishes (let alone two) or pots and pans. Who knew that wrapping every single breakable item in newspaper would take DAYS? Or that I would go through so much newspaper and have to beg for extra (free) copies at stores in addition to every empty box they could find?
2. I have only packed for and moved myself, never me AND another person. Two people = twice as much stuff! Although I assume that Brad and I have fewer belongings than most couples our age, packing still takes longer than I anticipated.

I estimate that about half of our belongings are packed. The kitchen and guest bedroom and bathroom are pretty much done. All bookshelves are now empty. But I have yet to tackle any closet (yikes!), our two storage lofts, and our bedroom and bathroom. For the first time, we're hiring movers (hallelujah!), so luckily, we won't have to worry about hauling all of our furniture out of our apartment and down two flights of stairs. Now, if I can only finish packing....

I also struggle with finding too many items that I think that I can't pack yet or will just carry over to the new house myself. I have a newfound respect for couples and families who move across the country. How on earth do they do it?


Smiling Mama said...

Here's a funny story for you...the first time my sister and her husband moved after they were married, it was, of course, a military move so the marines came and packed up their entire house. Sarah had never been through a military move before so had no idea what to expect. She learned a lot of lessons that day! For example, packing up their bathroom included boxing up the trash can--with whatever trash was in it at the time! Packing the junk drawer (you know, everyone has it!)involved wrapping up each thing and putting it into a box. Imagine getting to your new place, across the country to find all the crap in your previous junk drawer perfectly preserved as a junk box! I don't even want to think about that trash can!

Good luck!

Katie said...

As someone who has moved about 13 times in the last 13 years, it's going to suck no matter what...just keep working. It will be over soon and then you can forget all about it! Hiring movers is so smart!!!

SD Dad said...

I have made two long from NC to MD and that was a company move so the movers packed us, garbage and all, and unpacked us.

The second one was our move from MD to SD, 1385 miles, and we packed and moved our selfs. the secret is to have kids, Torey, Leigh and Neil, who are old enough to help pack and load. Neil even helped drive our big yellow rental truck to SD and unload it here.

we also found that some of our treasures were easily parted with. Our kids also dumped some stuff they felt we did not need. Of course, feeding them while they worked was not cheap.