Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hyphen help: part 1

Today's post is really more for me than for anyone else. I mentioned recently that while I obsess a little about apostrophe usage (no, really?), hyphen usage sometimes confuses me. Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tip today spoke to me, so I wanted to pass it along:

"Hyphens and Adverbs

A few days ago, when writing the newsletter tip about ending sentences with abbreviations, I had to remind myself of the rule that governs whether you put a hyphen in the phrase "environmentally friendly punctuation rule." (You don't.) Here's what I relearned:

A hyphen is required when joining compound adjectives before a noun:

Blue-streaked cheese
Water-soaked man

A hyphen is not required when one of the two modifiers before the noun is an adverb that ends in "-ly."

Individually wrapped cheese
Happily soaked man"

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Smiling Mama said...

I found that grammar girl tip to be helpful, too.