Tuesday, March 31, 2009

house update

Brad and I took ownership of our house on Sunday night, and life turned officially crazy at that time. We are busy packing and running all sorts of errands to prepare to move this weekend and next week, but I wanted to post a quick update. We both took the day off yesterday and met with a slew of contractors. We had our locks changed and set up security system with ADT. Those appointments were uneventful. The other three appointments were a little more interesting:
  • Does anyone else think that it's strange that a mason would show up without a ladder? Nine times out of ten, doesn't his job involve accessing the roof? We're first-time home owners, it's our very first day in the house, and he expected us to have a ladder already?
  • After hearing so many stories from friends about a major appliance or structure breaking within the first month of home ownership, Brad and I prepared ourselves for the same fate. A frantic phone call from the sellers on Sunday lead us to believe that the overflow valve on the water heater was leaking, so we hoped that that would be the extent of our unanticipated expenses. As it turns out, the plumber who visited yesterday could find nothing wrong, so we'll keep our fingers crossed on that one.
  • The second floor was covered in carpet, but we decided to rip it out and restore the hardwood floors underneath. We understood the risk involved in such a project because no one knew the condition of the floors, which are original to the house. We first learned that our third bedroom (which will serve as our office) must have been added later because its floors are only plywood, and not wood like the rest of the house. We will probably invest in some FLOR tiles and be set in that room. The floors on the stairs, and in the hallway, master bedroom, and second bedroom are red pine, which we learned is gorgeous, but extremely rare. Floor companies don't sell red pine anymore; they retrieve it from old houses when someone needs it, which, as you can imagine, is extremely expensive. The floors are in very good shape with the exception of about 18-20 boards that need to be replaced. Brad and I found out this morning that the retrieval and installation of only 18-20 boards just added $1,600 to our floor restoration bill!!! Thank goodness that we've planned for a few unexpected expenses! Now, let's hope that the hot water heater valve (and every other appliance and major fixture in the house) hangs in there!


SD Dad said...

Welcome to the world of being a home owner...when we moved to SD we pulled the carpet up, previous people had ill behaved pets and children, and were lucky to find wood under it. at this point it needs refinishing and that may be my summer project,.

Keep the ladder and tool box handy...and watch all the DYI TV shows...

Katie said...

I doubt you will have time to take advantage of this so soon..but FLOR has free shipping until April 3. Use code FPQ97W.

Smiling Mama said...

I know that's a lot of money now, but those floors are going to be amazing!! And, think of the investment on the value of your home. Can't wait to see it in person!! Also, my biggest advice for FLOR is to order samples first.