Thursday, March 19, 2009

glorious colors

I have stared at white or off-white walls for so many years as a renter that I'm tempted to go absolutely ballistic with color in the new house. I came home yesterday with at least 50 paint sample cards representing close to 200 colors! How will Brad and I ever choose? I also suffer from the need-to-make-my-own-mark mindset. The house boasts beautiful paint colors already. We really don't need to paint even one room. But I long to make the house our own, and because neither one of us are very handy and painting seems like one of the easier trades to learn, I suddenly want to paint every room in the house. Browsing paint options yesterday made me even more eager.

I understand that I need to prioritize because we won't have the time or the energy to repaint every room in the two days that we have free before we move. We plan to tackle the living room first. Although currently a brilliant blue, I fear that the addition of our red furniture will give the room an unintended patriotic feel; not that patriotic is a bad thing, it's just not my goal for the living room. So I am searching for a brownish earthy hue that trumps beige, but is not too dark. The dining room is currently painted a deep red, which I LOVE and plan to keep for now. I can't remember the wall colors in the kitchen and master bedroom, except that they are rather light, and unfortunately the wall color does not show up well in the pictures that I have of those rooms. The sellers agreed to repaint the second bedroom for us, as it currently screams child with bright blue and green hues and an under-the-sea themed mural that covers one wall. We will repaint the third bedroom eventually, which is currently an orange-yellow color.

The names of paint colors delight me, and completely sway my opinion of them. For example, yesterday I stumbled upon "ordinary yellow", which immediately turned me off to it. Who wants their walls to look ordinary? I found a shade that seemed like it would work for the living room, but it was named "brown bag", which sounds incredibly boring. And I feared that I would think of brown paper lunch bags every time I looked at the walls. On the other hand, I felt immediately drawn to colors that referenced Italy or plants that I love. For example, I have no desire to paint a room pink, but if I did, I would have a hard time refusing to buy a color named "cherry blossom". I also favored any name that included the word "fern".

Can you imagine holding a job where it was your sole responsibility to name the colors of paint? The fun! But oh, the pressure!


Smiling Mama said...

I've always wondered about the lucky people who get to name the OPI nail polish colors! They always crack me up.

SD Dad said...

There are far to many colors out there so when I find one I like...I stop looking and move on to the next task...