Friday, March 20, 2009

another spring break, come and gone

At the end of yet another spring break, please allow me to reflect on a few highlights:
  • I refuse to pay for boxes for our move. Therefore, this week I have stalked Safeway and Schneider's and have successfully collected nearly 50 boxes (via 4 full carloads and 15 trips up and down our stairs to carry all of them into the apartment)! And about two-thirds of said boxes are packed, sealed, and labeled. I still have MUCH packing to do, but at least I've made a dent in it.
  • I have learned that wine and liquor boxes work best for packing purposes. They are small enough that it's nearly impossible to pack them too heavy. And they are a nice size to carry. I learned the hard way to avoid produce boxes from the grocery store. Most of the boxes contain too many holes and they kind of stink!
  • I enjoyed three lunches out this week, one with my wonderful husband and two with girlfriends. And I engaged in mostly window shopping before and after all of the lunches.
  • I did buy one thing while window shopping. I scored an awesome pair of designer jeans at a chic second-hand shop for only $34.80. And I've worn them every single day this week.
  • Wow, paint color options are endless.
  • I've written five blog posts this week. That must be a record.
  • Furlough was a welcome excuse not to read or respond to any work-related requests for a day. Of course, I may feel differently once I see my paycheck!
  • I truly appreciate my readers' advice and opinions on paint. Please know that I thoughtfully consider each person's comments and I've printed them for future reference.
  • I love my book club. Whether we have a large or small gathering, I truly enjoy the discussion and socializing with fellow readers and friends.

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Smiling Mama said...

Totally agree on the boxes (and book club of course)!