Thursday, February 12, 2009

staring at 40

It's official: as of today I am closer to age 40 than to age 30. How is this possible and will whoever is holding down the fast forward button on my life please, please stop?

Wasn't it just yesterday that my two friends surprised me with a 30th birthday celebration, which kicked off a string of surprise parties for all of us turning 30 that year? Being a February birthday girl, I was the lucky one to turn 30 first, and probably the only one who was truly shocked by the crowd that secretly assembled to support and celebrate my 30s venture.

Despite the fact that I turned a corner this year and the 40-year mark now looms on the horizon, I had an outstanding 35th birthday. Brad and I celebrated my birthday dinner last Saturday night at Restaurant Nora, an intimate and lovely place located in a residential portion of the Dupont Circle neighborhood. I admired my personalized menu with "Happy Birthday (Dr. Blondie)!" printed at the top. The food was decent in both quality and portion size. Our table, adorned with a chic display of fresh flowers and candles, was cozy and romantic. The lights were dim enough. And we enjoyed ourselves immensely. While my heart still belongs to 1789 and Tabard Inn, I would definitely visit Nora again.

And yesterday was just great. I can't remember ever celebrating my birthday in 65-70 degree weather. Brad worked from home most of the day and we went out for a casual lunch in our neighborhood and then he made me dinner at night. Brad's normally not home on my birthday during the day when it falls on a weekday, so his presence yesterday, even though he was working part of the time, made all the difference. I received birthday greetings from lots of people too, which always makes me feel so good.

Age 40, you will knock on my door before I am ready. But do me a favor. Just because I tend to race through my days, weeks, and years doesn't mean that you have to compete with me and accelerate to get here. Please grant me the opportunity every now and then to slow down and savor moments and blessings. And if something comes up and you need to postpone your inevitable arrival, I won't hold it against you.

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Smiling Mama said...

So glad to hear the dinner was a success!!