Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a seven year love affair

While I'm on the kick of promoting some of my favorite hobbies to others this week, I'd like to point out that my beloved book club celebrates its seventh anniversary this month. And while I didn't start the group, I have loyally participated in it from the beginning, and am the only remaining member of the original club. Dr. Blondie faithfuls know that I love to read, and giving to this group brings me pure joy. I am most thankful that the group forces me to read books that I would never choose on my own. And I appreciate every single book more, whether I liked it or not, AFTER a lively discussion with the group. In seven years, I have attended 65 of our 67 meetings, and finished all 69 selected books. Not even the busyness of a Ph.D. program could diminish my commitment to or love for this group. Reading for pleasure almost always relieves my stress. And as you grow older, you realize that it's a compliment to be called book worm.

Just for fun, here is a slightly enhanced version of the language that I used on this month's anniversary edition book club evite:

7 years = 67 meetings, 69 books, 50 fiction selections, 19 nonfiction choices, 8 classics, lots of potlucks, a few dinners out, countless bottles of wine, some phenomenal books, a few disappointing books, one KEVIN!, two remote members who occasionally visit, one repeat member, one loiterer, lots of evites, several pinggs, hundreds of tallied votes, thousands of book suggestions, myriad remarkable hostesses, numerous spirited discussions, occasional fierce debates, and ONE AWESOME GROUP OF READERS.

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Katie said...

Oh Bookclub! What a great tradition! I miss it and all the fun!!! Thanks for still including me though I'm far away!