Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a gift

February birthday girls expect to celebrate in snow, ice, freezing rain, and bitter cold each year. I always tell Brad that both of our birthdays fall during the coldest four-week period of the year. Last year on my birthday, it was so cold that I could barely stand to leave the house. But because I had a gift card for a free massage burning a hole in my pocket and a day off from work to use it, I braved the cold. I remember parking right across the street from Sugar House Day Spa and it took me 10 minutes to warm up from the 30 second dash from my car to the building.

I recall very few birthdays when the temperature surpassed 50 or even got anywhere close to that. My dad claims that the day I was born was an unseasonably warm and beautiful day, especially considering the brutality of Illinois winters. And each year on my birthday when he tells me this story, he recalls the grass being even greener and the temperature a little warmer than what he claimed the year before. I suspect that what was probably a cloudy, 50-degree day in Illinois on February 11, 1974 has evolved over the years into a bright, sunny day in the 70s in his mind.

But today is an anomaly. I awoke to the sound of birds chirping. I wore a tank top and shorts on my run on the mall this morning. And I even think that I spotted a faint hint of green grass near the Capitol.

Today, I can celebrate in weather more typical for April and May birthday girls. I plan to take full advantage of this unexpected gift. It may be another 35 years before it happens again!


Katie said...

Yeah! I'm so glad it's a lovely day. Enjoy!

Smiling Mama said...

happy happy birthday, friend! Hope you are able to suck up enough fresh air and sunshine to get you though the rest of winter!

Susannah said...

YAY! The sun is shining for Rebecca's day!