Monday, February 9, 2009

dreaming of spring

I can't wait...
  • ... for static electricity to leave my hair. No amount of any kind of hair product that I've tried prevents or in any way decreases the gazillion fuzzy blond hairs that stand straight up or out from my head from December through March. Any suggestions, dear readers?
  • ... to touch my car, cabinet, another person, etc. without experiencing an electric shock.
  • ... to enjoy fresh produce again that actually tastes good.
  • ... to plant flowers and set up my rooftop garden.
  • ... to sit up on our rooftop deck every evening for a few minutes.
  • ... for our very first crab-eating excursion of the season.
  • ... to see green grass again instead of the yellow/brown concoction that seems to have taken over all of DC.
  • ... to dry clean my wool coats and sweaters and put them away for six months.
  • ... for cherry blossom season.
  • ... for days filled with more hours of sunlight.
  • ... to sleep under my normal bedding with bare feet instead of burrowed under three extra blankets and clad in warm socks.
  • ... to wear sundresses, short sleeves, capri pants, sandals, and flip flops again. Although, my battered feet won't look so pretty in flip flops until I can indulge in that first post-marathon pedicure. No use spending money on a pedicure until the marathon's over.
  • ... to run in shorts and a tank top again (it won't be long for soon as the early morning temperatures hit 45 degrees or higher, I'm there!).
  • ... to hear birds chirping.
  • ... to cut out of work early on that very first warm spring Friday afternoon to go enjoy a drink at Cantina Marina.
How do you dream of spring?


kerryandtorey said...

this weather is such a tease! I can't wait to drive with the windows down, to walk around in DC after work- in the warmth and daylight and to see everything turn green again. Great post!

Organized Living by Amy said...

I can't wait either. We've reached a high 70 the last couple of days. It makes me so happy...spring please!