Monday, January 19, 2009

my snow high

Dear snowflake, I first felt your sweet kiss as I ran past the Russell Senate Office Building this morning. Despite the ominous looking sky and the higher-than-Friday-but-still-rather-cold temperatures, your arrival made my run so much more enjoyable and worthwhile today than normal. You see, I've been caught in pouring rain while running before, a welcome relief on sweltering July days. And while I trample you on the ground occasionally, I cannot recall a time in my four years of running when you suddenly appeared in full force and accompanied me to my own personal finish line. When you first landed on my eyelashes this morning, I gazed upward with joy to see your millions of brothers and sisters, each one unique, raining down on me. I developed a spring in my step as you propelled me forward. My headband and shoulders grew damp from your moisture. My heart felt giddy at witnessing one of the first snows of the season on the National Mall. Even the sea of blue porta potties that have overtaken the National Mall appeared more attractive through your haze.

While I longed for a desolate stretch in order to enjoy you all to myself this morning, alas, that was not the case with the chaos that has descended upon my city for the Inauguration tomorrow. But I am glad that the tourists who braved the elements early today were rewarded with seeing the ugly porta potties dressed up in your light blanket. And your calming influence even gave me more patience than normal and put a smile on my face as I cut through large tour groups sprawled over sidewalks and dodged clueless tourists who stepped directly in my path.

You faithfully stayed with me for five miles, until the sun came out and burned you away. Most Washingtonians are unaware that you made an appearance this morning. I am one of the lucky few to see you and to feel you. May you shower my head, shoulders, lips, nose, and eyelashes with your sweet kisses again soon. But only when I'm running, okay?

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