Sunday, January 25, 2009

my favorite day of the year

Happy birthday, Sweetheart! Do you realize that I have now celebrated one-third of your birthdays with you (11 out of 33)? We have known each other a long time and the years keep racing by.

I thought that my readers would appreciate this picture of you circa 1978 or 1979. You were such a stylin' little guy! I figured that you wouldn't mind if I shared this picture... actually, you won't even know about it because you don't read my blog! (Faithful Readers: sssshhhhhh.....)

My darling husband, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and that this next year is your best one yet. I am so grateful for every single day with you and for all that is you. Happy 33rd birthday. Love you!


Organized Living by Amy said... cute. You've gotta love the red heads! Happy Bday Brad!

Smiling Mama said...

Happy (now belated) Birthday to Brad!!