Thursday, January 8, 2009

benefits of a non-displaced fracture distal radius

1. I spend much less time primping than I used to because I quickly learned that yes, you do need two hands to blow dry and style long hair using a round brush. Considering that my left hand can't support weight (e.g. hold a hairdryer), nor can it bend, twist, flip, or turn using a round brush (aka styling wand), my tresses are sporting the air-dried, fuzzy, stringy look these days, but oh well. It's winter and I don't think that too many people notice anyway.

2. Although my Christmas money burns a hole in my pocket, I have not been shopping once because I dread the hassle of removing and replacing my splint over and over in the dressing room to get shirts on and off. Plus, my wrist is particularly vulnerable when I'm dressing because I sometimes accidentally bend it in weird ways. Forgo shirt shopping, you say? I also struggle to pull up or button my pants. Have you ever tried either task with one hand? Butt-hugging jeans are especially challenging.

3. Running with a splinted left arm elicits much sympathy from normally critical people.

4. To my delight, I find myself suddenly exempt from any and all manual labor. When my computer crashed yesterday, I quickly realized that I couldn't pick up nor carry my hard drive to my technician's office. He came and retrieved it himself! The world nearly stood still.

5. #4 extends to chores at home as well. Brad is now forced to make himself available to carry groceries up all of our stairs.

6. Come on. We all know that navy is the new black for 2009. I'm all for making a fashion statement.


Katie said...

Ha ha #6 is so funny (but also true, Navy is the new black!)

Smiling Mama said...

Hmmm...those do sound like nice side-benefits but I do hope it comes off soon :)

Anonymous said...

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