Friday, December 26, 2008

raincheck, please

We were all set. Everything was going to be perfect. I had wisely used my days off from work thus far to clean the house and organize our lives. The windows sparkled. The oven and refrigerator shone. I had not only organized my closets, but also my drawers. I had even given my blog a face lift. If such a thing is possible, I was ahead on my vacation to-do list. I greeted Brad exuberantly this past Monday night, after his last day of work of 2008, excited to dive into our holiday celebration, just the two of us.

That is, until a stomach bug dove into us.

About an hour after dinner on Monday night, Brad suddenly felt awful. For about 30 minutes, I feared that I had poisoned him, but although dinner disappointed us (the new recipe did NOT live up to its expectations), I felt fine. By Tuesday morning, it became clear that Brad's sickness was not a case of food poisoning. In the past, when one of us was sick, the other one normally fell victim to it three or four days later. I had some time. Or so I thought.

I began to take precautionary measures, and thinking that I still had a few days of wellness remaining, I tackled my list of errands and chores with extra vigor. I visited the dentist on Tuesday morning to retrieve my unexpected Christmas present. I shopped for supplies for Christmas Eve and Day dinners (I naively assumed that Brad would feel better by then, and if not, well, I had to eat, didn't I?). I fixed chicken noodle soup for Brad and consumed a bowl of my favorite chili for lunch (um... big mistake). I even baked cookies and made a fresh batch of caramels.

And then at 3 p.m. that day, the sickness hit me. And Brad and I have been absolutely pathetic since then. He took over the couch and I claimed our bed; neither of us could sit up. We've never both been sick at the same time before. He'd call to me from the living room. I'd moan back from the bedroom. Thank goodness for two bathrooms!

We had tickets to see West Side Story on Tuesday night. Although I stupidly held out hope in between vomit sessions that we could still make it, we didn't. We missed our Christmas Eve fondue and our Christmas Day beef tenderloin. Although our fridge is loaded with food, we haven't been able to eat any of it. Even today, Friday, the sickness has subsided, but our appetites still elude us.

The stomach sickness abated by Christmas Eve, but we were still worthless for the next two days. We managed to attend church on Christmas Eve, but we listlessly opened presents on Christmas morning. We took a short walk around the neighborhood on Christmas afternoon, mostly to escape the house and breathe some fresh air, and we ventured to see the National Christmas Tree on Christmas night, along with thousands of other people! We had no idea that this attraction would be so crowded on Christmas night! Doesn't everyone leave DC over the holidays?

We took down our tree this morning, which made us ponder the fairness of spending a morning cleaning up from a holiday that we feel like we missed! That being said, we're extremely thankful to feel somewhat up to traveling to Colorado tomorrow. We can eat the $120 on West Side Story tickets. A canceled ski trip and a missed visit with my brother would be a much greater loss.

Can we just reschedule Christmas 2008? We'll be healthy and raring to go for take two. We won't miss it next time.

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Amy said...

That is so sad! I hope you guys have a great time in Colorado!