Thursday, December 18, 2008

playtime begins, sort of

I love working at a university. An extra perk of working at the same institution for over eight years is that I have accrued more leave than I will ever have time to use. Even after my three-week European adventure, a week off around the 4th of July, and numerous other days off this year, I still have over seven weeks of vacation and 12 weeks of sick time in the bank. So my Christmas vacation begins today! I am taking five vacation days prior to the university's closure from Christmas through January 4, 2009. Two and a half weeks of freedom - woo hooh!

So why did I get up at 5 a.m. today? Brad's still working... and of course, the running schedule must go on.

It's okay though, because I have fifty bazillion things that I want to accomplish over the break. And I err on the side of being a "work before play" kind of a girl, so I will dive into my to-do list of household chores over the next few days while Brad is at work so that we can play when he's on vacation. The problem is, for every chore that I finish, I add about two more to the list!

I always use these days before Christmas to deep clean and declutter (is this a word?) our home. I go through each and every drawer and closet to organize and discard (I credit this practice for our continued happiness and peace in a small two-bedroom apartment. We haven't outgrown our space because Brad and I are both clutter busters, him even more so than me. My friend Amy would be so proud!). I wash the windows and curtains, empty and scrub the inside of the fridge, clean the oven, and mop the floors. I am most excited to try to wash our shower curtain liners in the washing machine this year! I can't wait to see if it works. I'm so excited to try it that I am going to do it today!

I have a few more fun tasks on my list too. I'm still working on creating a photo book of our Europe pictures. I need to spruce up my facebook page, conduct some research for a few 2009 projects, and of course, BLOG.

Brad and I are spending Christmas Eve and Christmas at our home, just the two of us, which will be so much fun! We've had one other married Christmas that we spent alone together and that was our favorite year to date. We've started some silly, but endearing traditions of our own and it's just so wonderful to relax together and enjoy the holiday. We have tickets to see West Side Story at the National Theater next Tuesday night and on December 27th, we leave to visit my brother Luke in Colorado. An avid snowboarder, Luke recently bought a condo in Avon, located at the base of Beaver Creek, so we plan to spend two days on the slopes: one day at Beaver Creek and the other day at Vail. Brad has never skied before and I barely have, if you count my feeble attempt over 15 years ago, so this should be interesting! Brad worries about altitude sickness and I fear a broken leg. Lord willing, we'll be okay!


Smiling Mama said...

This sounds WONDERFUL! I'd love to have a few days alone in the house to declutter!

Katie said...

Don't worry about skiing. If John and I can ski - so can you and Brad! Take a class and don't be afraid to fall down if you think you are going to fast.