Monday, December 22, 2008

new year, new look

As we speed out of control inch toward 2009 and the one-year anniversary of Dr. Blondie, some necessary changes are in order, most importantly, a new look.

What do you think?

I soooo wish that I were more talented in the graphic design and even basic computer programming departments. I've worked on overhauling my blog's design all afternoon (wait, aren't I supposed to be cleaning and organizing?!), at the mercy of free, do-it-yourself-with-your-hand-held-through-every-single-step (but not really, because it still took me much longer to figure things out than it should have... just call me Dr. Dummy) web sites. Don't get me wrong; I am incredibly thankful for these sites. I could never manage a blog or do anything on the Internet without them. I just feel so helpless when it comes to anything and everything technical.

Now that my blog received a makeover, I think that my person needs one as well, as clearly evidenced by my atrocious new driver's license picture that was taken this morning. Seriously, could the DMV photographer have zoomed in any closer? I think that he missed at least two pores and five wrinkles on my face. And insisting that subjects LOOK DOWN at the camera is never a good idea. Unfortunately my birthday (and driver's license renewal date) falls during the winter months when pasty white skin and mousy-brown roots rule. To do: make a hair brightening appointment asap. Oh, and a beach vacation might be nice too.

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Amy said...

I love the new look. I think you've inspired me to maybe do a new look as well. Where did you get the new masthead?