Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas to me, a bit early

An overzealous chomp into a leftover piece of saltwater taffy from our recent Dollywood excursion provided me an early Christmas present this year: a brand new crown and a filling.

I should have just stuck with the cotton candy.

This tenacious piece of taffy pulled off my crown and mangled it beyond repair. I didn't even realize what had happened at first until I noticed a hard, metallic substance in the taffy. Sure enough, when I spit it out, I gasped, "is that my tooth??"

And because the missing crown left a gaping hole in the back of my mouth, my dentist identified a bit of decay starting to form on a neighboring tooth that was not visible when the crown was in place (I blame the taffy for this issue too), and she decided to take care of that little problem as well.

Although I never had braces and was therefore exempt from orthodontia drama during my adolescent years, don't be fooled by my naturally straight teeth. You won't find a gap or a crooked tooth in my mouth, but genetics has blessed me with teeth very prone to decay and all sorts of other problems. I brush a minimum of three to four times a day and I floss at least once a day. I constantly nag my dentist to keep a close watch for problems with my teeth because too many times, a dentist has ignored a "minor issue" that quickly resulted in a root canal.

After my $430 co-payment (and keep in mind that I HAVE decent dental insurance) and a sore jaw from the two numbing shots (one never does it for me), drilling, poking, and prodding, I vowed off candy in 2009. Or maybe just taffy.


Katie said...

Oh No! This sounds awful. Good thing to get it fixed now though. Your mouth will be happy for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

This just happen to me. Im here at my parents visiting for the holidays and they still put up stockings full of old school candy(they never seem to noticed im in my late 20s when it comes to my visits) any I workout everyday and like to indulge on my vacations so I said what the heck and after a year of no candy in my diet I eat 2 mary jane's which is a very sticky honey taffy and after a big chomp it pulls my crown out leaving a space. Luckily I have a dentist in town that I can go to tommrow and also the tooth is a moler in the back of my mouth so I dont look like a hilbilly.