Monday, November 3, 2008

The winning streak continues...

My recent win at the BlogHer Conference must have brought me luck because I recently won another contest!

Being a huge advocate and supporter of public libraries, I only purchase books if:
a) I've already read the book and it makes my very stringent, highly prestigious list of top 10 favorites (this is still a rare occurrence... I only own copies of one or two of my favorite books. In a small city apartment, I value space more than books. And overcrowded, cluttered spaces are sure to give me hives.)
b) I've read an entire series and I genuinely believe that I will it read again (e.g. Harry Potter)
c) it's a book club selection, but despite monumental efforts, I can't secure a copy in time at any library. In this case, I normally buy a used copy on amazon and then I sell it as soon as I've finished it.

But who doesn't enjoy the stiff, crisp pages of a brand new book? So I do occasionally enter contests on book blogs that I read in attempt to garner some free goods.

And I finally won! Everyday I Write the Book blog recently raffled off three copies of The Four Seasons by Laurel Corona. I have no idea what the book is about, but historical fiction is my favorite genre and I adore Venice, so I have my fingers crossed!

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