Monday, November 17, 2008

an unusual girls' weekend hangover

Soon after my college graduation, I vowed with my friends Dana and Kim to never miss a year of the three of us getting together, no matter where we lived or what life circumstances we faced. I vaguely remember us clinking glasses on an early trip to seal the deal. The first two years out of college were easy because we all lived relatively close to each other (but we still found reasons to take plenty of road trips on the weekends!). Distance and children have made the yearly commitment difficult, but I'm proud to say that we haven't missed a year since 1996! We've visited in Chicago, Indianapolis, Madison (WI), Iowa City, Champaign (IL), Springfield (IL), Athens (GA), Scottsdale (AZ), Las Vegas, South Beach, Pompano Beach (FL), New Orleans, DC, Stamford (CT), New York City, and Charlotte. We're already daydreaming about the cruises and fancy vacations we'll take together during our elder years!

Dana and I flew down to Charlotte this past weekend to visit Kim, who gave birth to her first baby this past June. While this visit with an infant in tow was a bit more relaxed than previous trips, we laughed as we retired at 11 p.m. after happily vegging out at Kim's house both nights in our comfy pants and t-shirts. At one point, we realized that we had talked for 20 minutes about grocery shopping and the pros and cons of Safeway, Giant, Harris Teeter, and Trader Joe's. Suddenly our nights out in South Beach until 4 a.m. seemed like fuzzy memories. Did we really do that?

I'm hurting today after the trip, but not because we painted the town red like we did when we were younger. I accompanied Kim to her gym on Saturday morning and endured 75 minutes of boot camp with her! Now keep in mind that Kim is an athlete. She's in phenomenal shape. She ran a 10 mile race at a 7:30/mile pace. She went hiking the day she went into labor. She began exercising again the day after she and Holden arrived home from the hospital. Now look at me. I can run long distances, but that's about it. I can't do a push up to save my life (as the boot camp instructor bluntly reminded me this weekend).

This boot camp class kicked my fanny. While I kept up with everyone else, and I even enjoyed the running portions because I felt comfortable, I have been paying for it for the past 54 hours. This pain nearly rivals post-marathon aches. I could barely move on the flight home yesterday and an older man on the plane had to lift and lower my suitcase for me because I couldn't raise my arms high enough.

After the class on Saturday, Kim sheepishly admitted that she participated in the class up until early May of this year. And she gave birth on June 9th. Can you imagine a 35-week pregnant woman in a boot camp class? That's my friend. And despite her baby belly and (minimal) extra weight at the time, she still did better in the class than some of the other members. I asked her how she did a push up with a pregnant belly, but she giggled and said that it wasn't that bad.

After hearing that, I feel like a real wimp complaining about my own aches and pains! I hope that Kim will be a bit easier on me during next year's trip.


Katie said...

Come to Boston! No workouts! I promise!!!

Smiling Mama said...

I still can't believe we were both in Charlotte this weekend for girls weekends!