Monday, November 10, 2008

sucess = no meltdowns or poop explosions

I survived my first tour of duty in childcare at church yesterday. And I do thank you, gentle readers, for your plethora of advice. I laughed at how each person recommended a different age group, which tells me that it's really all about one's personal preference. I plan to sample all of the rooms over my next few shifts so that I can determine my favorite.

The Team Leader initially placed me in the 12-17 month room, the walkers. I took one step inside the door and a tiny blond girl immediately blocked my path and reached up to me with outstretched arms. I glanced furtively around the room to see if another care giver would jump in. But it was obvious that the little girl wanted me to pick her up, so I did, walked across the room, and deposited her in front of a pile of toys. She jumped up, stretched out her arms again, and so the cycle began.

This darling girl stuck to me like glue and I have no idea why. One of the other women joked that it must be a blond thing. When I tired of holding her, I sat down on the floor, hoping that she would play with the nearby toys, but she crawled into my lap instead. A little boy toddled over with a book in hand, seeking a reader. After he claimed my other leg and I began reading, a third child, drawn to the reading like a magnet, plopped down in the middle of my lap. The three kids fought over who would turn the page and my lap was so crowded that I couldn't even really see the book. But I do love seeing others experience the joy of reading, so I was happy to charge onward.

After about 30 minutes with the walkers, the Team Leader moved me to the crawlers (6-12 months) because this room lacked the requisite number of volunteers. Things were pretty quiet there. Although a whimpering child latched onto me right away (and who I held for the rest of my time there), two of the children spent the remaining two hours playing 100% independently. Neither of them ever cried or needed to be held. I was amazed!

While the volunteers in the walkers room experience several meltdowns and one poop explosion, I fortuitously escaped all of that. That is, until December 7th, when my next tour of duty begins.

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Smiling Mama said...

Good for you! If you need a little practice with the
"older" crowd before your next shift, you're welcome to babysit Lucas anytime :)