Tuesday, November 25, 2008

socially unlinked

It happened again yesterday. I received an "invitation to connect on LinkedIn" from a friend. Another pal sent me the invitation to register about a year ago and 40 people have found me thus far. I have yet to search for anyone. My profile lacks anything of substance. I've only listed my name, place of employment, and alma maters.

I'm a pathetic social networker.

I've avoided facebook (although I may give in on this one, but seriously, do I need one more distraction in my life??) and twitter. I use shelfari simply for keeping track of the many books that I read and not at all for networking with other book lovers for reading suggestions. I recently signed up for a ravelry account, again, just for an easy way to organize my knitting patterns and projects and not to fraternize with other yarn lovers. I have a flickr account because that's the only way that I can upload pictures of knitting projects to ravelry.

A couple of months ago, I received one of the regular update emails from LinkedIn informing me who my "friends" had connected with. I was surprised to see that one of my friends was connected to Brad; I was unaware that he had signed up for an account! That night at dinner, Brad and I laughed about it, each of us surprised that we didn't know that the other had an account and that we weren't connected.

And now, two months later, have Brad and I become "friends" on LinkedIn? Of course not. But as a friend recently pointed out, how funny/weird will it be when Brad and I finally do link and all of our mutual "friends" will receive an email notifying them of our connection?

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