Sunday, November 23, 2008

Italy revisited

Brad dragged persuaded me to see the newest Bond movie this weekend, but the opening scene in Siena, Italy changed my surly 'tude immediately. I sat up and paid attention, excited to see a place that we had recently visited. In the movie, the Piazza del Campo bustled with activity: horses racing, crowds cheering, and predictably, James Bond nearly killing himself and others about ten times while chasing a bad guy. Yes, the setting looked a bit more glamorous than when we visited in August, but we still enjoyed a glimpse of one of our summer vacation destinations.

Feeling nostalgic about Italy after the movie, we decided to spend a quiet evening at home and reminisce. I made Florentine steak and we sipped the Chianti that we brought back from Tuscany. We set a formal table, using our wedding china and the Venetian lace place mats and napkins that we purchased from the last remaining lace school in Venice. We wondered how our friend Hillary was doing. And we tried to come up with a valid excuse to go back. Like next week.

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Katie said...

How Fun! I was in Siena in March and really loved it. It's such a funny interesting town. I remember someone mentioning that the James Bond movie was filmed there. I'll have to check it out. ciao!