Wednesday, November 19, 2008

card paranoia

From previous posts, you know that I abhor typos or grammatical mistakes on professionally printed invitations, cards, and other kinds of mass mailings. Specifically, on my blog I've addressed the appropriate use of an apostrophe and when and how to make last names possessive or plural.

Fun fact: my blog gets several hits a day because people google "make Davis plural", "last name ending in s plural", "plural of Davis", "correct grammar, plural name", "plural vs. possessive family last name". These search phrases have led five readers to my blog in just the past 12 hours. This topic is by far the most searched one that leads people to my blog. I'm heartened to know that some people are at least cognizant that apostrophe usage can be tricky. But I'm also preparing myself for the handful of holiday cards and end-of-year letters loaded with grammatical errors that Brad and I will certainly receive this year.

I ordered our Christmas cards yesterday and I nearly drove myself crazy double, triple, and quadruple checking them to ensure grammatical perfection. I even made use of Brad's scrutinous nature and he checked the card. And when Snapfish prompted me at checkout to proofread my card, I did it again. Because I know that if the cards arrive in the mail and I notice a mistake, I'll eat the $50 and reorder them before I will send them out with an error.

All of this for a mere 15 words on the darn card... thank goodness I only send one mass mailing of cards per year!

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Smiling Mama said...

Note to self: Have Dr. Blondie proofread our holiday card. :)