Friday, October 24, 2008

Who is the Target? I am.

I try to avoid Target because like a friend of mine, I rarely leave without spending at least $100. But I do make a run every four to six weeks for necessities like garbage bags, dish soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and the like. How Brad and I go through the basics so quickly is beyond me.

Target nailed me again this morning. Even after using coupons that I had faithfully collected from Sunday papers on four different weekends and saving a whopping $8.90 (seriously, is it even worth the hassle?), I still left the store $158.07 poorer. And I bought zero luxury items. No shoes, jewelry, clothes, or home decor. Well, I did buy a new clock radio because our old alarm clock recently died (it had lasted Brad's entire life!) and I accidentally knocked our kitchen clock off the wall recently and broke it, so I had to replace it. But I bought the cheaper (but still cute!) models of both items.

Even regarding the basic necessities, I always compare prices and try to buy things on sale. I'm not opposed to buying the Target brand of everything if it's cheaper. And I rarely buy fancy brands of anything. Suave shampoo works just fine.

But alas, Target gets me every time.

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